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WTF did I just created?

Finally, I have created a track while staying in California, US. A year has passed since the last release and obviously, this is an important moment. It was the biggest break in my production timeline, and I am happy to announce, that I am finally back :)

Naya Released

First official label release:

Right Kontrol - Slowmotion (DiS Remix)

New tune from Ilya Maltsev in DiS remix.

New Born

Finally reassembled one of the old tracks "New Born". It has been literally born once again.

Zheltoe Bezumie

Sat Feb 26 2011 12:30:00 Info and contacts:


Trying some deep/tech house.


New up-to-date sound.

Scape released

Track Scape is released. This is a final version of the old track, refined and rearranged.

8bit at last — Old Times

True 8-bit. How much I like old-school NES arpeggiators :)