Hi! I'm Kirill Konshin.

I provide consulting services in various areas of Web development. My goal is to enable companies to be more successful by helping to create cleaner architecture, optimize development, QA and CI/CD processes, implement the best Agile practices.

I can help you with

PlaywrightReactYJSAngularExpress.jsStorybookCypressJiraElectronWebpackRESTTurbopackGitLabJestBDDWebGLSWCNexusGitOpsCRDTGraphQLGitHubESBuildSSRTestOpsPuppeteerCanvasCI/CDTDDApolloReduxReact NativeMobXDevOpsAllureViteTurborepoNext.jsNXWebRTCSSG
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Saatchi Art

As a contractor on the SaatchiArt online art gallery project, Kirill was an invaluable member of our team and made a significant impact on the success of the project. He delivered high-quality work and was instrumental in the rearchitecture of our website which increased both speed and top funnel conversion rate. In short, Kirill is the type of software engineer that any company would be lucky to have on their team. I have no doubt that he will continue to excel and make a positive impact wherever he goes.



Kirill is a highly skilled software engineer with a wealth of knowledge in technologies such as React, Redux, Webpack, and NextJS. But it’s not just Kirill’s technical expertise that sets him apart — he is also a team player who is always willing to go above and beyond to ensure the success of the project. His dedication and hard work were a constant source of inspiration to the rest of the team.



Kirill was instrumental in defining the direction of automation in our company. His meticulous, in-depth research and subsequent presentation to the company helped set the proper foundation for many years to come. We are lucky to have worked with Kirill.



As a pre-seed company, we don’t have the luxury to hire both domain and tech stack experts. Hiring domain experts and consulting Kirill combined the best of both worlds for us. 5 hours of Kirill’s time every month ensured that we weren’t creating any unnecessary or unfixable technical debt in our React/Next.js/Django/AWS-based implementation. His feedback is extremely relevant, easily verifiable and immediately actionable. This arrangement has greatly boosted our development velocity and allowed me to focus on other company priorities.


Ferns & Petals

We were using Next js to develop our web store front. We decided to use next-redux-wrapper, an open source package which Kirill has developed. The dev team got stuck in a problem and there was no clear way out. We decided to contact Kirill. Thanks a ton for helping us on a very short notice. Kirill not only helped us with the package he also pointed out few other possible improvements. It’s due to talented and committed people like you that open source is alive and kicking. I would not lose a chance to consult or partner with him again. Keep up the good work!